Nostalgic Home Decor

People often identify with the pennant's location, and nostalgia or sentimentality captures them.  Or, they look at the graphic, the colors or fabrics and think "this would look great at the lake house, or on the wicker loveseat in the sun room".  I encourage customers not to look through my inventory specifically for a location they identify with, but to look at these pillows as you would when selecting a special accent piece for your home.  

Vintage Travel Pennants

Sometimes souvenir pennants from trips long ago get lost and others get packed away in a basement for decades.  I am on a mission to find these pieces of nostalgia and give them a new life.

Each vintage pennant pillow is one of a kind.  The pennants are paired with complementary fabrics and hand crafted into a designer pillow.  Every pillow is stuffed fully and carefully closed with a hand sewn blind stitch that provides a clean and professional finish.

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