Vintage Market Day of Lexington

 Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

     Friday- October 26, 2018  10am - 5pm
    Saturday- October 27, 2018  10am - 5pm
    Sunday- October 28, 2018  10am - 4pm
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Vintage Market Day of St. Louis

 Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO

     Thursday- October 18, 2018  12pm - 7pm
     Friday- October 19, 2018  10am - 7pm
     Saturday- October 20, 2018  10am - 4pm
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2016 SHOWS

You may have seen us at these shows in 2016

Schlafly Art Outside

Vintage Market Days of St. Louis

Greentree Festival

Vintage Market Days of Nashville

​Hawken House at Rolling Ridge

Priory Mother's Club Boutique

Ladue Chapel Holiday Market



Shopping online is convenient, but sometimes you want to shop in person so you can touch and feel the fabrics.  MG Designs participates in many wonderful Arts and Craft shows around the St. Louis area as well as upscale vintage events around region.  It's a great way to shop local and find amazing artists.  Plus you avoid shipping costs and take the pillow home with you that day.